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Dr.William M.ZadorskyResume

Phone:                 +380950479713, +380978721365

Email:                   ecofond@gmail.comzadorsky@mail.com

Skype:                  william.zadorsky

Web pages:         www.invest.ho.ua, zadorskiy.livejournal.com, http://blog.liga.net/user/vzadorskiy/profile

Location:              Dnipro, Ukraine


Doctor of Technical Sciences in area of Chemical Engineering, professor, author of about 500 inventions and patents and more than 600 publications and books. Many years of work in the NATO scientific program on cleaner production and sustainable development issues. Activity as a  journalist in scientific, engineering education, creative development  and technological business topics.
Extensive experience as Project Manager and consultant in the field of chemical engineering and real economy.  Managed restructuring of medium and small business in chemical engineering area in the period of their transformation into innovative high-tech venues and moving to ecological production.


Position as author, lecturer, business consultant, project manager or expert demonstrating scientific leadership in the area of scientific innovations and environment protection.


Freelance Author, Journalist, Lecturer, Expert, Consultant  and  Head of internet projects                                                                                            2000 - Present          


Virtual Technological Business Incubator (http://invest.ho.ua/TBI/index.html)

Investment and Innovation Internet Startup Fair (http://invest.ho.ua/startup.shtml )

Database on Ukrainian innovative projects "Technical Proposals" on the American site (http://ukrainebiz.com/TechProposals.htmnow https://www.booked.net/ukrainebiz.html)

Public organizations: Ecological Fund of Prydniprovya, Prydniprovsky Center for Cleaner Production, Center for Technological Business, currently my Internet-Portal of the Scientific and Educational Association of Innovative and Technological Business" (http://invest.ho.ua/ ) and etc.


Along with a number of technical special lecture courses in chemical technology, he still lectures on a number of business special courses. Among them:  Intellectual property,  Investment management, Innovation management,  Investment tools of project management, System methods and models of project management,   Modern business, Engineering and technology business and etc.

He was a winner in the   State University of Chemistry and Technology for the title of the best lecturer of the university,  a member of several Academic Councils for the defense of dissertations in the field of chemical engineering. 

Over the past 20 years, he has been conducting trainings in the areas of "Theory and Practice of Chemical Engineering", "Information Technologies in Business", "Technological Business  Theory ", "Innovative Medium and Small Business", etc.

Experience in areas: Theory and practice of chemical engineering, Theory of technical systems, Equipment for the chemical and related industries, including oil and gas processing. Heat and mass transfer equipment. Environmental technology. Waste management. Industrial symbiosis. Greening production. Synergistics in chemical technology.  Optimization of chemical technologies and equipment. Deep cleaning of substances. Flexible chemical engineering. Information Technology. Sustainable development concept. Systems analysis and synergetic. Waste water treatment. Water treatment. Technical Systems Theory. Innovative  Technological Business. Innovative Engineering. Synergistic method of invention.


Employment experience:

Senior Researcher,  Head of the Research Laboratory, Associate Professor,  Professor, Head  of the Department of Chemical Production

            Ukrainian State Chemical and Technological University                         Dnipro, Ukraine                      1971 - present

Professor of the Department of Project management Regional Institute of Public Administration  Dnipro, Ukraine     2005 2010

Founder and CEO     Educational Portal "Innovative Technological Business"                Dnipro, Ukraine        2018 - present

Founder and CEO     Center for Technological Business "Intelligent Service"                Dnipro, Ukraine        2015 - 2019

Founder and CEO     Dnieper Cleaner Production Center                                                          Dnipro, Ukraine        1985 - 2012

Founder and CEO     Ecological Fund of the Dnieper region                                                       Dnipro, Ukraine        1985 - 2012

Assistant Professor, Head of the Department of Chemical Production Technology, Karaganda Polytechnic Institute

Karaganda, Kazakhstan          1966-1971

Engineer, Chief Mechanic, Head of the Design Bureau   PA "Carbid"             Temirtau, Kazakhstan               1961-1969



1961 - Mechanical Engineer (diploma with honors), Dnepropetrovsk Chemical Technology Institute (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)

1963 - Engineer - Technologist (diploma with honors), Polytechnic Institute (Karaganda, Kazakhstan).

1970 - Candidate of Technical Sciences. Processes and Apparatus for Chemical Production, Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology (Kazan, Russia).

1971 - Associate Professor. Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Chemical Technology (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).

1984 - Doctor of Technical Sciences. Processes and apparatus of chemical production. Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology (Moscow, Russia).

1986 - Professor at the Department of Equipment for Chemical Plants, Dnepropetrovsk Institute of Chemical Technology (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).

Currently - Professor of the Department of Equipment for Chemical Production of the Ukrainian State Chemical Technological University. (Dnipro, Ukraine).

Languages​​of communication. Russian - native, Ukrainian - fluent, English - good.


Additional Information

Developed and implemented at the university a system of some  author's special lecture  courses (Theory of technical systems, Optimization of technical systems, Innovative engineering, Engineering and technological business etc.) and a new method of invention creating based on identifying and ensuring the harmony of contradictions that allowed to the creation of an interconnected system of knowledge and skills that ensures the development of students' creative abilities without additional expenditure of budgetary funds and revolutionary reforms. As a result, a program for the development of students' creative abilities was implemented in the process of studying special courses at a technical university. All author's lecture courses are based on systems analysis and the Concept of Sustainable Development, as its crown, engineering methods for optimizing complex chemical-technological systems, analysis of the practice of the results of the practical use of the developed concepts, patents and inventions of the author, the maximum practical use of computer and modern information technologies and, finally, the results of research in the scientific areas developed by the author. Students are given basic knowledge about theory and practice, means and methods of system analysis, methods of finding optimal solutions to practical problems, methods of professional search on the Internet. As the entire cycle of disciplines is studied, the regime-technological and instrumental-constructive methods of optimizing chemical engineering are mastered with their gradual complication due to knowledge of new means and methods of influencing systems, studying trends in the development of chemical engineering, gaining knowledge of new technologies, structural materials, equipment, patents and inventions of the author, the maximum practical use of computer and modern information technologies and, finally, the results of research in the scientific areas developed by the author.

The lecture courses include the results of the author's work in 5 new scientific directions created by him and the corresponding scientific schools:

        Modern technology for processing capillary porous matters (about 100 areas of practical application) without the use of energy-intensive vacuum processes and high pressure (about 30 projects),

        The use of resonance phenomena and non-stationary modes to create adaptive flexible chemical technology (about 20 projects),

        Development and use of block - modular approaches for the creation of diversified chemical production,

        Development of combined reaction and separation processes using the synergistic effects of their interaction (about 30 projects),

        Creation of a new effective heat and mass transfer technology and equipment, in particular, for deep purification of gas and liquid phases from submicron particles when obtaining substances of special purity.


Foreign Consulting experience

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Israel, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Slovenia , Portugal, Spain, Italy, USA, etc.